About Us

Swindon Mosque was first opened by the Bangladeshi Muslim Community in 1999 and was named Hazarat Shahjalal Central Mosque. It had undergone a large renovation in the year 2000 which included opening up the upstairs and knocking down walls and re-carpeting. 

The traditional Ahlus Sunnah Wa'l-Jama'ah Mosque is used widely by the Swindon Muslim community for the 5 daily prayers, Friday Jummah prayers as well as teaching/learning and other activities.​


The mosque committee aims to promote unity among the citizens of Swindon and encourages inclusion of all ages and backgrounds.​

One of the activities the mosque encourages is Charity. The mosque is involved with various fundraising efforts for causes nationally and internationally. The mosque has raised lots of money for humanitarian efforts and this also includes members of the community going to personally delivery food and aid packages internationally. ​


Swindon Shahjalal Mosque is open to visitors throughout the year and welcome people to get in touch if they would like to arrange a visit. We always look forward to having people from schools, colleges, universities and other institutions to find out more.