The Mosque aims to provide facilities and services to fit the needs of the whole community. 


5 Daily Prayers

Shah Jalal Mosque carries out the five daily prayers in congregation.

We encourage Muslims to try their best to perform obligatory salaahs in the Mosque. We encourage Parents to bring their Children.

Please refer to the Jamaat timetable for prayer times.

Children's Quran Club

Children are taught how to recite the Noble Quran and basic Islamic knowledge.

Days: Monday to Friday

Time: 4:30PM to 6:30PM

Place: Upstairs in the mosque

Price: Minimum £3 Donation per week

Enrolment: Simply bring you Child/Children to the club during this time

Ladies Quran Class

Ladies Quran class takes place every Saturdays

Time: 11AM to 12:30PM

Place: Mosque ground floor. Enter using side door closest to the Post Box.

Price: Any donations welcome. Recommended donation £2 per session. 

Enrollment: Simply turn up to the session.

Note: Ladies are recommended to perform Wadu at home before session.


Friday prayers  

Time: Refer to timetable. Ensure you arrive early.

Place: Mosque ground floor and first floor.

Price: Any donations welcome. Recommended donation £5 per person. 

Note:  We recommend walking to the Mosque. If this is not possible, please ensure your cars are parked legally and you do not obstruct any alleyways! We advise using County Ground Car Park as it is cheap and is only a 5 - 10 mins walk.  

We recommend that all worshipers perform Wadu at home.

Unfortunately, we do not have ladies prayer facility. Please see our neighbouring Mosque. (InshaAllah in the future)



Shah Jalal Mosque provides a completely free service for janazah.

The service includes:

  • Guidance on the process

  • Body storage in cold room

  • Spiritual wash and clothing

  • Janazah prayer 

  • Burial

Contact a member of the Funeral Committee:

  • Mohammed Makram Ali (Afruj) - 07900555357

  • Abdur Rahim - 07828134698

  • Mostaq Ahmed - 07957338823




Shah Jalal Mosque conducts Nikkah ceremonies in accordance to the Shari'ah.

Contact us through this website or directly with the Imam.